Become a Vendor

Become a Vendor

We are now open for vendor applications to our 2024 Garlic Festival

Our Festival organizers are always open to new vendor applications. Our focus is on garlic growers and those producing garlic related products, however, we also welcome applications from vendors of local field and farm produce, specialty foods, beverages, and crafts. If you feel you have a product that would be a good fit at our festival and would like more information please read our 'vendor information' page at the link below.

When you have read the vendor information page, and you wish to apply, you can proceed to create an account through the 'sign up now' link on the application page. Once you have created an account you will be able to sign-in, fill out and submit the application form. You will be contacted by our vendor chair within one week of receipt of your application.

A reduced introductory booth fee applies to first time vendors at the Festival. See the 'vendor information' page for booth fees.

Vendors of foods, wine, beer, cider, and spirits may be interested in participating in our Tastings and Pairings Sessions. Information on these sessions can be found in the 'activities'/ 'Tastings and Pairings' section.

2024 Vendors - check back as we add more vendors

3 Cats Pottery

Small batch hand-made and wheel-thrown pottery. Inspiration drawn from nature and the recesses of my mind. Offering a selection of accessibility focused pieces (double-handle, moustache mugs, lower volume, lighter weight mugs).

Blanbrook Bison Farm

Bison Meat - frozen garlic and plain sausage, steaks, ground, burgers, roasts, brisket, liver, soup bones and stew. Also avaible, bison pepperettes, salami and jerky

Sebringville Garden Centre

Sebringville Garden Center was founded in 1959 as the first garden centre in the surrounding area. Changing hands four times along the 60+ years it has been in operation, the Sebringville Garden Centre has been a mainstay in the Sebringville area providing quality plants and friendly, small-town service.

Hessenland Inn / Schatz Winery

A well curated portfolio consisting of vinifera varieties and cool climate varieties
Frontenac Blanc
Frontenac Gris
La Crescent
Petite Pearl

Making Scents of Soy

Offering hand poured soy candles since 2010 with over 100 scents available. Clean burning and safe, the 16 oz soy candles will last 90-100 hours, and they are made from sustainably sourced materials.


Proudly Canadian, we strive to put mushrooms into the hands of the people. From mushroom-growing kits to coffee - we've got your mushroom needs covered.
Find our booth and check out the mushrooms growing! It's easy to grow them at home and we'd be happy to teach you all about it.
Not only that, but the many benefits these wonderful creatures can bring into your life.

Brant County Garlic Company Inc

Our family has been producing and processing garlic product for 46 years. We offer 4 Varieties. We are here to help with the promotion of Garlic Production in Canada by Small Gardeners to Large Growers. Along with Our Fresh Premium Gourmet Garlic for Table Stock or Garlic Planting Stock from a few Cloves to thousands pounds shipped across Canada. Our Go- Garlic is Dehydrated Slices and is Great when you are out of Fresh Garlic. For the last few years we offer Fermented Black Garlic .Check it out.

Great Lakes Goat Dairy

We are a small group of farmers that work together to make our delicious goat cheese.

Ye Olde Fudge Pot

Ye Olde Fudge Pot makes our fudge the olde fashioned way, using real cream, butter and natural flavours cooked in traditional copper kettles. Hot fudge is poured over marble slabs, then cured in wooden troughs. Our fudge is prepared fresh with no preservatives in our proven technique for a delicious and fresh product.
Ye Olde Fudge Pot started as a family business in 1976, and continues today with a new family since 2016.

Food 4 LIfe Market Garden

Food 4 Life is a small family farm that practices regenerative organic farming to grow nutritious, delicious, and healthy garlic. We are Regenerative Organic Certified™ and Certified Organic by ECOCERT® CANADA. Our prime focus is the soil, as it sustains human health & is kind to nature's environment.

Deep Purple Lavender Farm


Millbank Cheese and Butter

Established in 1908, Millbank Cheese is still made with all-Canadian Milk, a lot of which is sourced from local farms in Perth County, Oxford County and Waterloo Region.
All our cheese is aged naturally without the use of chemical enhancements to speed along the aging process.
Our cheese is made to our specifications in quality which are of the highest standards in the industry. We guarantee you're going to love it!

Weathered Rock Farm


Garlic King (GK Garlic Inc.)

Garlic King has been hand crafting their garlic spread in small batches for 14 years.
Located in New Hamburg, we staff booths at St. Jacobs Farmers market and distribute our product with vendors at many other markets and retail stores.
A soya based spread with local garlic and over 30 herbs and spices. So versatile, you will want to use it on everything.

Sexi Lexi’s Peppers and Sauce

Artisanal, small-batch hot sauce made with local, sustainably grown produce.

Braemar Hills Farm

We specialize in growing organic garlic, onions, shallots, and peppers. We also create a line of dehydrated and infused products including garlic infused olive oil, hot honey, sea salt, and dip mixes. We have been providing fresh organically grown garlic and produce from our 5 acre farm outside of Embro since 2007.

Troyer's Spices

Discover a world of aromatic wonders in our spice store, where we meticulously source and hand-select the finest spices from around the globe. With our commitment to quality, you'll experience the freshest flavors that elevate your culinary creations to new heights. From everyday essentials to exotic blends, our extensive collection caters to both adventurous food enthusiasts and seasoned chefs alike. Unleash your inner chef with Troyer's Spices and unlock a world of taste sensations that will delight your palate.

Munro Honey and Meadery

We're proud to be among Ontario's foremost producers of pure Canadian honey. With over a century of expertise, our honey house is dedicated to crafting top-tier bee products, from our renowned 100% pure honey to our award-winning mead.

Aunt Beth's

Beth Havers AKA Aunt Beth got her start baking as a child with her father but it was the unique circumstances of 2020 that gave rise to Aunt Beth's Whisky Inspired treats. With over 20 years of experience in the spirits Beth is internationally recognized as being a trailblazer in her field.

Whisky is delicious but is often considered intimidating. Beth has always strived to find ways to break down the barriers and make whisky approachable and fun and what's more fun than treats! We have worked with some of the most beloved distilleries to create fantastically delicious recipes that you are bound to love. One bite and you will be hooked!


Fashion accessories, footware and clothing for today's modern woman.

81 Petals

I grow 1300-1500 dahlias at my Listowel area flower farm, as well as an arrangement of other flowers. September is prime time for them to be blooming! I love to create flower bars for people to enjoy these beautiful, locally grown flowers!

Stonetown Artisan Cheese

The taste of the Swiss Alps from our farm to your table!
Stonetown Artisan Cheese is an on-farm cheese plant located in St. Marys, Ontario. Our award winning hand crafted alpine style cheese is made with fresh whole cow's milk from our family farm. In order to obtain a great taste, the milk is unpasteurized and has no additives. This ensures that the cheese is pure and natural. The cheese making process is very similar to how cheese has been made for centuries in the mountain dairies in the Swiss Alps.